I was turning 60. I was carrying more weight than ever before in my life. I was sluggish, not sleeping well, pretty much physically miserable. I made the decision to join CrossFit Reverse. The owners along with the coaching team assured me that at 60 years old an out of shape grandmother could and would in fact benefit from CrossFit methods in many ways.

Since joining, in 4 months time the coaches and programming have far exceeded my expectations. They care deeply about each person individually that comes into the “Box”. The One on One instruction I received for each movement and the scaling to meet my specific needs gave me the confidence to push myself harder than I ever believed I could. The encouragement and knowledge of the movements along with all the nutrition information has propelled my fitness journey to levels I never thought possible. I look forward to growing older and having stronger bones, more agility and better health all with the help of the CrossFit Reverse team.


The coaches at CrossFit Reverse have helped me work toward my wellness and fitness goals over the 2 years I have been a member. I tried CrossFit Reverse because I was tired of traditional gyms; I just did not like going to them. I was fed up, overweight and bored. CrossFit Reverse came highly recommended and I am so happy I decided to join.

I have lost over 20 pounds and added muscle and have discovered how strong and confident I can really be. The CrossFit Reverse community is amazing, and I know I can do this for the rest of my life!


Well, it was official. I was a 63 year old couch potato with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. At my last physical my blood sugar was rising, and I was pre Type 2 diabetic. I needed change, and in 2016 after Thanksgiving I joined CrossFit Reverse.

I could barely do a push or a sit up; I felt old and out of place. But the CrossFit Reverse coaches worked with me through scaling and encouraged good position and form. They worked on my mobility and now after 4 months I have lost 34 pounds and can do over 100 sit ups in a single workout.

The CrossFit Reverse coaches continue to work with my nutrition and any physical limitations that come along with age. The best part is I work out with people of all ages, and I do not feel out of place because everybody encourages each other. CrossFit Reverse has changed the outcome of my retirement and how I view my fitness capabilities.


The CrossFit Reverse coaches have helped me recapture the athleticism and strength I’ve lost after years of neglecting my body. Not only are they knowledgeable about health, wellness, and CrossFit, but they take time out to learn more about you as a person.

Working out here has been a fantastic experience. Physically I’m in better shape at 34 than I was at 24. Mentally I am stronger and far less willing to give up on things in my daily life. Emotionally I’m calmer and more relaxed after class.


The CrossFit Reverse coaches help with my wellness and fitness goals by making sure that when I work out at the gym, I do it with appropriate and correct form to avoid injury to myself. They also push me and motivate me during workouts by giving encouragement and cheering me on during hard workouts. They provide a positive and non-judgmental environment that allows growth for all athletes and makes us feel comfortable to push ourselves greater than we would on our own.

My experience at CrossFit Reverse has been an incredibly positive and uplifting experience in my journey to meet my fitness goals. I look forward to going every week knowing that I will be challenged to push my limits during the WODs and to see my strength and stamina improve in my progress with my times and being able to complete workouts with prescribed or RX’d weight. I have never felt stronger physically and mentally, as well as being more confident in my own body than when I started going to CrossFit Reverse consistently. As a man who has struggles with body image, I am noticing that the work I have been putting in these last few months (going 5 times a week, every week and sometimes working out twice a day) has provided me with fat loss, greater strength, and being able to perform new movements such as double unders and strict pull-ups.

I have been going for a few years with months in between, on and off, but this year I have noticed how much of a difference I feel now that my wife and I eat at home every day. We try to eat out only once every 2 weeks or only on the weekend, and I have personally restricted consumption of sweets or desserts to only the weekends. We also try to limit carb intake in the form of rice, bread or pastas. The results have been that I feel great after workouts, I don’t get sore or too tired, and I am able to have energy to go to the gym 5 days a week.

What I have accomplished since beginning CrossFit has resulted in increased strength, increased stamina during workouts, gaining muscle, fat loss, and improved overall fitness. Mentally, I feel more confident and strong because of the work I know that I put in during the workouts and strength conditioning. I try to compare myself less to others and realize everyone is on their own personal journey of fitness as well as everyone is very different physiologically and biologically. The only person I try to compare myself to is my own self from the day before or the week before to motivate myself to move forward. I also feel healthier as I limit sugar or carbohydrate intake. I also find that I get full easier even when I eat less during dinner (portion control). Emotionally, I am happier with myself, my body and my commitment in reaching my fitness goals.

The best thing about CrossFit Reverse is that I actually look forward to going to classes even when it is at 5:45 AM or 8AM since those are the only times I am able to go during the week. On my days off, I even try to make it to the gym twice to put in extra work or to work on my areas of weakness. I realize that the hardest part of this journey is making myself go, and in the years before when I started going to CrossFit Reverse, I would make it a goal to go 3-4 times a week. But this year, since the beginning of March, I have gone 5 days every week and I don’t intend on slowing down. Going to CrossFit is fun to me because of the variety of workouts and being able to lift heavy weights, the intensity, and there’s just such an amazing feeling when you complete a workout where you are able to do the prescribed weight or even doing it scaled and you finish. It’s also a good feeling to me even when I get my butt kicked during brutal workouts because I know that I gave it my all and I put in the work for the day.

I like to say that half of the work is actually just getting yourself physically there to the gym so once you set foot inside, then you’re halfway there. I have tried other gyms such as Planet Fitness or Power House, where I would go on the treadmill for 30 minutes then walk around from station to station waiting (I know that it comes down to being self-disciplined and showing up at the gym, and also being educated on knowing what to do), but CrossFit is an entirely different experience. I receive personal coaching, a variety of workouts or WODs every day, high intensity workouts that challenge me, and functional fitness that applies to everyday life. I would highly recommend anyone who has an interest or desire to meet their fitness goals while having fun and challenging themselves to go beyond their limits at CrossFit Reverse. It’s not easy but it’s worth it!

CrossFit Reverse

I discipline my body like an athlete, Training it to do what it should

1 Corinthians 9:27